2013 Round Up and Plans For 2014

Well 2013 was our first year in business and what a year it's been for Gladstone. We've grown quicker and bigger than any of us thought we would in. We'd like to start off by saying thank you to all our loyal customers that have sat it out and waited and put up with the lack of staff, which is no longer a problem due to the latest addition Jordan. Bayan is also flying with his cuts so you may see these two running the show soon. We'd also like to thank everybody that has helped us in and out of the shop. 

Our fist venture out of the shop was the White Memoirs Vintage Wedding Fayre. We were a little nervous as it was the fist time we had left the shop, let alone held our own stand at a wedding fayre. Low and behold the event was a success, there were plenty of networking opportunities, we got some good business and we didn't know at the time but it prepared us for our future ventures into House of Fraser




We first hit House of Fraser in the May bank holiday, we were introduced by one of our regulars to the floor manager at the time Kevin Stead. We got a great reception on our first visit and it became a regular occurrence. We added little extras each time we visited and were eventually offered a full time concession in the store. We ran the stand over the Manchester Vougue Fashion's Night Out and it was a great success again. Our plans with HoF this year should see us visiting the store as much as once a week. 

Earlier on this year we were contacted by Graham Bradbourne from Barber Magazine, a new industry publication targeted solely at barbers and not combining them with hairdressing. As Yaz and Graham got talking, their visions were very similar, to give barbers their own right unassociated with hairdressing. Graham first contacted us for a small feature in the magazine which soon developed into a four page spread and the front cover. It was a fantastic honour to be asked to be featured, let alone to be on the front cover. We will be working close by with Barber Magazine and Graham in the future. 

So off the back of a fantastic first year in business we can only build on it this year. There will be some changes around the shop now we have a good team on board. We are going to up the level of service for each client to benefit the barbers, giving them more time per head and also benefit the client giving a better cut and all round better experience. This will mean a price review which will come into affect at the beginning of February. We'd like finish on a big thank you to everybody that has been involved in our journey so far and we hope you'll all be with us to see it out. Happy New Year and and let's hope it's a prosperous one for all.