Gladstones Goes On Holiday To Sunny Manchester

From Tuesday 30th September, The Original Gladstone’s Barbershop will be closed. Don’t panic, it’s only for two weeks. 

And it’s only because we’re taking a little holiday. An exciting journey. A trip to the 1st floor. 

We’re taking the Gladstone mantra to the city once again. 


From next Tuesday, we’ll be in Selfridges in Manchester, offering exquisite haircuts like you’ve become accustomed too. Only, all those executives and office workers in Manchester - they don’t know about the Gladstone way of life. 

They might’ve only heard a name, or a brief mention of something a little bit different. 

But now, they’ll be able to try out Gladstone’s for themselves, and transform their image into that of the truly modern gentleman. 

If you’re in need of a tidy haircut or a refined beard trim for the next two weeks, come and visit us in Selfridges in Manchester. Hop on the train in Mossley, and it’s a short walk from Victoria Station in Manchester. 

Be sure to tell everyone where you’ve been, when you’re walking around town. They’ll be dying to know where you got that new look from.